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Wow, I just received my lightning e-scooter. It arrived the next day. Can’t wait to ride it once I finish charging. I would recommend it .

Beautiful and Fast!

I have to make some minor adjustments, but it's everything I hoped it would be. I have only run it in gear 1 and we are building a relationship. The lighting is very effective for night riding which is also Vital as I live in NY. So glad I got the Lighting to start with. It stands in a class all by itself. I reached out to customer support and they are very responsive as well. I'm having a trouble locking it in the folding position and customer service has been readily available for that. Thanks Roadrunner!😀


Greatest scooter for the price, it’s everything you want in a scooter and more. Weather you want to go fast or slow the choice is yours, off road or on, you can’t go wrong. I love it!!!!


My scooter came well packaged and ready to go fully charged too I love my D6+ thanks RoadRunner

The best of the best

I loveeeeeeeedddddddddd so much fun you guys are the best i

Tubless is the brand of tire

I was turning a corner and the tired deflated when I took the wheel off there was puncture no hole. I called customer service and they helped me out a a lot.

So far so good

I Rode the scooter about 8 miles so far, handled great and the battery voltage only dropped about 2 volts. Smooth solid ride with good stability. Nice scooter so far. Two other people saw the scooter and wanted to take it for a test ride, after they tried it they want to get one. Awesome scooter.

Steep Oregon hills no problem

The single motor won't do it but when you engage the second motor you rip up the steepest of roads no problem. I'm 200 pounds. Quality is excellent. Portability is excellent. Perfect combination of size, range and power. Anything weaker than this will leave you wanting if you are going up hills. Start here on this model... maybe end here on this model too. It's got the power without going crazy like the bigger ones. Can't overstate how nice it is to be able to lift this thing without help.

THE BEST place to get your NANROBOT Scooter!

Because of all the positive things I have to say! I can't write a review for Roadrunner Scooters without writing a 100 pg + novel, lol They're incredible! Tyson Marden is AWESOME! I don't know how old you are, Tyson, but I want to adopt you into our family (we're a family of 15)! Such a helpful, kind, respectful, informative, and thoughtful man. The RS7 is a HIT with the family, even though it's supposed to be mine. lol I should've known my big boys (ages 23, 24, and 30) would try to take over lol. We're ALL having such a blast!! My 'courtesy' seat arrived yesterday, which I couldn't have been more thrilled about, and now I get to ride and have fun with it too! Love love LOVE Roadrunner Scooters & the RS7 Nanrobot scooter!

Good scooter

The scooter is great will be getting my boys one for Christmas

One of the best scooters

I have to say this scooter deserves 5 stars and more The scooters Fun fast built like a beast it’s just well-built all around I love the scooter I would definitely recommend a scooter


Love it

Great Scooter!

This scooter is great. It is my first electric scooter that I have owned. I previously rented limes scooters and was instantly hooked on the idea of electric scooters for recreational and practical purposes. I have 350 miles ridden on the scooter and have had no issues. I've had 2 crashes at 25 mph. Scooter is definitely durable. I can get 20 miles at top speed and power settings and can was able to also reach the advertised range of 40 miles while in eco and single motor modes at 15-20mph. I would recommend switching out for some new tires after 500 miles when using the included off-road tires. Switching to road tires can make it so you can switch them after 1000 miles. I would definitely recommend this scooter. Have fun and scoot safe!

Best value in the performance market today

Very powerful with smooth ride
Throttle is very sensitive,suspension is a bit stilff ,main lighting assembly need to have better mounting not just one bolt,i rubber mounted mine ,very fun and scary fast ,I need more safety equipment,I really recommend everything,knees,elbow ,wrist,the whole Shabang.

OMG This is everything that I expected and more.

As the title says I'm very happy with my D6+. The performance is insane, the led lights at night make it look so slick and beautiful. The clearance is outstanding making it very versatile to go up and down the sidewalk. I thought going at 40 MPH would be scary in this but it was shockingly stable. My only critique would be the poor choice of materials for the mudflaps. Also that it came with a few scratches in the handlebar but it didn't seem to have to do anything with Nanrobot but with DHL mostly.

Great electric scooter

Had a great time out here on some trails.—— pure speed & excitement—— GQQD LQQKIN OUT NANOROBOT......

Great performing machines!

We bought 2 of the D6+ after considering bicycles. So glad we went the D6 route. They are so powerful, I am 215 #’s and it takes me everywhere and very quickly, 30-40 MPH. The suspension is great, we did a 25 mile ride on the silver strand to Coronado island today. They are daily drivers to the pickle ball courts! Will see how they hold up!

5 stars

The Ls7 scooter is scary fast on ECO TURBO goes a scary 70 to 72 mph. Insane!!!

This is a serious scooter for serious riders!

Keep your Bird & Lime rental scooters (drink mixers), the Nanrobot D6 is a different ball game. You know that as soon as you step on the deck and realize you're eye level with the guy in the Ford Expedition at the stop light. You both gesture "good day" with a head nod. You get going and 3 blocks later you look to your side to check for traffic and who do you see? The same guy in the Expedition although this time, the gesture is now a look of amazement because you beat him to the next traffic light. Not wanting to wait again, you give the Ford a wink, turn the wheel and jump the curb to the bike lane and speed off. The Ford guy is in amazement and the Nanrobot yawns. Light work... - true story -

Build quality

The build quality is insane. Also this thing is huge. Just massive. Pictures do it no justice. This is not a sidewalk scooter. It feels right at home on the street. That dual motor button will get you up any hill, of any terrain, so quickly that you'll be hanging on for dear life. Not an exaggeration. This is not a toy and shouldn't be ridden by anyone under 18 in my opinion. Or anyone that's never had a scooter before. Would also like to mention that even though it took about a week coming from across the country, Roadrunner stayed in touch with me through the whole thing. I hope I wont have to reach out to them soon but I know if I do need to then they'll be there to help! Thanks again guys.


This scooter is plenty fast having an absolute blast with it. No complaints so far at all!


Love it!

This is my first time riding an electric scooter and it is very easy to ride and the quality is amazing.

10 starts

This scooter is amazing. Plus the packaging is even faster. My scooter came in 3 days after ordering it. Some it's faster than 55 mph i actually when 58 mph before

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