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It came fast and already cut to size ! What more can you ask for great service and perfect products!

Scooter kicks asks

I'm 220 lbs. All detroit muscle "not really" But this scooter will take me up any hill. Its very quick off the launch too. Its also a great stress reliever. You can ride it at anytime. Right in the middle of the night if you want. If you're a tweak or wtv. It is very quiet. People make fun of me for riding this scooter and for paying almost 2k for it. For those people I say ride this thing and try not to smile you pansies. Buy this thing and smile every time you get on it :)

NanRobot D4+ 40miles/40mph

I ordered my scooter on 1/1/2021 (Friday) in the nighttime. The scooter was sent out from California on Monday 1/4/2021. It was scheduled to be delivered to New York by Monday 1/11/2021 but I got it two days earlier. I had a very minor issue setting up the parameter settings. I called up Roadrunner Scooters and they sent me step by step instructions on the functionality settings. Hands down the greatest customer service team. This is not my first electric scooter. I have a Swagtron 5miles/15mph. I Got the D4+ Out the box and tighten all the screws/bolts and setup the parameter settings. Me and my wife went for a ride. As soon as I tap the gas I felt every cent of the $1400 take off! Smooth ride/Great handling/break lights/Horn etc.

Great machine. Only minor quality issues.

Roadrunner pre-sales service was A+ when I called them. Their price was also the best. The scooter itself is fantastic, well built, most bang for the buck across all models, all makes, I like to say. I bought 2, for my 14-year old daughter and I, and we have taken them off-road, in grass and on dirt trails.

The two D6+ scooters I ordered arrived on time and in good condition, except for:
- one warped rear fender (not a shipping issue, a molded plastic cooling issue), which I will have replaced under warranty, and
- both steering columns had a notchy feeling near center, which I understand is intentional to reduce wobble at high speed, however it was not exactly at center on either, so I loosened the stem components, straightened and tightened, after which the notch was gone on both.

It’s awesome!

Amazing Power and Quality

Simply amazing scooter. I use mine daily to take the dog out for runs/walks. I live in an area with steep hills and was worried the D6+ wouldn’t be able to go up them but no! It powers right up with the dual motors engaged. Battery life is great and the lights are great for night rides.
I got the hydraulic brakes and couldn’t be happier. At first I had the regeneration braking system turned on and it’s a little grabby. Once I turned that off I had no issues.
My only complaint is it’s almost too fast in dual motor turbo mode. Hold on! Also mine has a slight wobble going over 30 mph. But it’s a beast and I love it.

The instruction book manual that they give is not very clear at all they need to make the manual ...

Overall the Scooter guilt tough but like I said the manual needs to be more clear and the settings that I have on my screen goes up to P 20 and their manual does not say nothing about P 20 P 15 P 17 it doesn’t say anything like I said the menu only goes up to P 10 and it needs to be more clear and how to to read the manual better and now the manual is instructed it’s not clear at all

Having a blast. Even a 65 yr old guy like me is loving this machine Do you make anything that flies. NO JOKE

Quick shipping. Easy to set up.

My scooter works flawlessly. You need to learn how to setup the scooter through the software before you scooter off. Im very happy with my purchase. Exciting!

NanRobot D4+

Great Scooter and Service. Highly recommended. And this is not my first Rodeo, as it were. I’ve done business with others, and own several scooters. In my experience RoadRunner is Number one. Look no further, you won’t be disappointed.
My scooter arrived quickly, it had some minor issues. they were handled, and new parts arrived next day! Who does that? I’m impressed. Scooter is a beast, or you can ride it easy. I did opt for a seat for cruising sometimes, being an over 60 rider! 😃And having the time of my life. Get up, get outside. Roadrunner keep up the fine sales and service!👍🏾


Such a good product that i want to get in the business!!!

Freaking amazing scooter.

i was super impressed with what i got delivered to me. its so full of torque and well built. packaged perfectly and clear instructions on the manual. takes forever to charge but its so worth it. highly recommend.

Great Scooter

Bought this for Granddaughter. Not a toy. Now its mines love it. Fast Scooter!!

BEST investment I've ever made!!

I would like to start off by saying, I LOVE THIS SCOOTER!! I'm SO happy I bought it! Not only is the scooter great but so is the customer service of Roadrunner Scooters. I had a small issue with my order, and the owner himself spoke to me and not only resolved my issue, but he went above and beyond to make sure I was properly taken care of! As far as the scooter, its amazing. If you're looking for something fast, choose the D6+, if you're looking for something that WILL go the distance, choose the D6+! Now being the proud owner of a D6+ I can completely see why it was voted 2020s Scooter of the Year. I got mine with the upgraded oil brakes(very worth it) and this beast stops on a dime! If you are looking into getting a great scooter that will cater to all your needs the D6+ is right for you. The build is so solid, and has such a quality high end design. Also to mention its a GREAT price for what you're getting! My only recommendation is to make sure you program the scooter first to your riding style so that you're not surprised by the sheer power this beautiful machine has. Its off road capabilities are ridiculously good!! I hope my review of this product helps you have some insight on this incredible scooter and customer service when you're making your final choice!

LS7 Superb Ride and Service

The LS7 is an absolute beast! This machine is as fast as you are reading about folks ..trust this review! I can't get off of this scooter and wake up craving the ride. 55 mph has never felt smoother with this suspension. It truly is a very well built scooter. I had a Dualtron Thunder prior to this one. Everybody talks about how great Dualtron is. I can tell you this scooter has a better build and I feel much safer riding at top speed on the Nanrobot LS7 than I ever did on the Thunder. And you will not find the service like the guys I bought it from at Roadrunner Scooters. I had a minor adjustment needed on my throttle controller and they actually have 2 mechanics on the payroll in NYC for me to get any type of warranty or service...LOVE that!

This D4+ is DOPE!!

Hey there is not much more I can say. From the speed of this thing to the suspension, to the perfect size to commute in Downtown SF, this thing is perfect. OH! and lets not forget the whole reason I even bought this thing, ROADRUNNER SCOOTERS is the absolute BEST!! trust the amazing reviews and then drink the Kool Aid like I did...It tastes excellent I must say.

Fast & Fun

The D4+2.0 is Fast & Fun, long lasting scooter, for a smoother ride choose the D6+, the suspension upgrade is worth the extra $.


I could not be more happy with my new D4+ scooter. It was everything and more than I expected. The product is excellent and road runner scooters is also very helpful and great. However, the shipping could have been better. It got held up for a few days. I know this is not RR fault but because of that I have to give it 3 stars=(

Top Notch Scooter and Very Classy Service

You really can't ask for more than what you get with the combination of the NR D4+ Scooter and the team that backs it up? Forget it about it! A++
Thank You Lori!!!

Your boyfriend is going to want it

I just bought the D6+ as my first scooter so I could keep up with my boyfriend who loves to float on his onewheel. Well it was pretty clear when it came that he was super impressed. It’s big and looks very durable. I left to get groceries once and busted him standing on it when I came back! This thing is a total beast. It’s been very easy for me to ride and I have zero experience with scooters. I purchased the upgraded breaks and like how responsive they are. I am happy in first gear but my boyfriend quickly went to the third and loved it...Maybe too much. Excellent customer service so far. Really happy I chose the D6!

Nanrobot ls7

nanorobot ls7 scooter was excellent!🤩

Which one, D4 or Customer Service?

Well, the D4+ is not what I thought it would be... it was more!!! Loved the platform it’s wider and that I can fit both my feet side by side. It handled rough and bumpy roads. It’s fast enough for me as a novice rider.

Customer Service... well how would I start... 🤔 I was excited and really anticipating to receive my D4, the day the package came, the postman was having a hard time hauling it to my front door as expected the box was a bit damaged but that’s what happens when we purchase things right the packaging gets the beating. So, I got it indoors was kind a thinking “I thought D4 is a little bigger than my X4???” So I open the box and when I opened it I was like “wait did they forgot that I already received my X4?, should I be naughty and call them and ask when will I receive my D4 and pretend I’m upset for it took awhile before my X4 finally get here”. 😂 but I don’t like Karma knocking at my door.

I emailed pictures of the package and a picture receipt of D4 order and called Customer Service I spoke with a lovely, sweet tone lady forget her name though, and she was apologizing for the mistake but I did understand things happen and I should be mad at that, most especially when there is an “actual” customer service willing to assist compare to others out there. After I hang up, I forgot to asked her what should I do with the package, how would I return it to them... so I called back and she was like, “ Hi Jr mind if I call you back I’m on the other line and making sure your D4 is on the way out today”. I replied, sure call you later bye. (I know, I’m writing a novel) after say 5 minutes she called me back informed me about she did... made sure that a D4 will be out that day and asked me to repack the X4 tape up the box and wait for UPS to pick it up the following day. Again she was apologizing for the mistake... I told her it’s all good it’s not a life and death situation, that things happen for a reason. She informed me that I’ll receive my D4 by Wednesday it was Wednesday when this all happened. So my wait was a week. It’s all good, I got my X4 to play with while I wait for the D4.

But, I received it that same week on a Friday. Wed-Thurs-Fri.

Ao, in summary both the product(s) and customer service are all 10 stars to me.

This one was all about the experience

The scooter is so good that it was awarded best scooter for 2020 so that part is easy to find out. But the service from these guys (RoadRunnerScooters) is what backs it all up. I mean, is it normal for the owner himself to call me and see if I’m happy with my purchase ? This guy Dale, made me feel so comfortable about the sale I feel obligated to share my experience with everyone. This right here is the reason why I am and always will be a repeat customer worth of $1800 plus and I’m sure I’m mot the only one that would happily pay for this experience of a sale and a scooter of a lifetime ! Much love to you guys and ride safe everyone! These things are beasts !!!

Great machine

Great machine great price worth every single penny

Urban motocrosser ?

Five stars easily.the. d6+ has go+stop+torque+suspension + good looks. There,s not too many scooters of this caliber in my area of Phoenix. It,a a head turner. I couldn't be happier with the scooters performance and that of roadrunnerscooters. These Folks are on the ball. when I get through tearing it up with this robot i,ll be back for bigger better badder. Robroy. Phx. Az.