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A very nice entry level dual motor scooter

So far I'm very satisfied with my purchase. It showed up with a few quirks that were easily resolved with the included multi-tool. Mine had a slight stem wobble but it was a very easily fixed by tightening the latch bolt from underneath... This thing is fast too! The torque is amazing! RoadRunner customer service has been amazing as well! After the unboxing and setup process I noticed my voltage lock had a small defect near the plug and before I had even finished texting them pictures of the defect, I received an email containing the tracking info for the new part free of charge... Gotta love a good warranty! If I had ordered this scooter from China I would STILL be playing email/phone tag with them trying to get a new part...I almost did purchase direct from China but I'm so happy I went through RoadRunner instead... You think you'll save a few hundred dollars purchasing from China but in the long run you really end up paying more... Overall this has been a good experience so far and I would definitely recommend this scooter to others.


Love it

RoadRunner is Great

Good company everything comes in a timely fashion and with out any damages in my experience. I have gotten a D6+. And an LS7 both are extremely fun and fast!

Awesome scooters

Amazing, I ride it all over the place no parking fees. Crazy power. I am able to pass cars on PCH during traffic and the battery has enough charge to ride all day

Amazing Fun

The wife and I love them. The D6+ is super powerful. The wife rides in gear 1, single wheel no Turbo. So Naturally I have to as well. But I must say 13MPH though might not sound fast. On a scooter it absolutely is. BUT! When it's just me. Its 40MPH wide open. You can hear me screaming and laughing all over town.

Have the time of your life!!

Always wanted a scooter since I was a teenager and looked at a hundred over the past year or so. I went with the D4 because of the wonderful reviews. Also, the team really does have excellent customer service! Everyone is spot on about that.

I got the scooter up to 38mph on my maiden voyage, and trust me when I tell you that that is PLENTY fast enough for your knees to start shaking under you! It will make you feel truly alive! Handling is good, and the machine is highly advanced. Love the LCD and being able to change various settings.

One thing about the loud squeaking from the brakes...all you have to do is loosen the brake caliber on the front wheel, and hold the brake lever down as you tighten the bolts back down. Sometimes they just don't sit right. The sound will totally stop after that :)

Get this one and you will surely be glad you did.


love this scooter!!!
much more than I expected!!
super fast!!!
i'll keep money for my next one maybe a D6!!!

Nanrobot d4

It's amazing!


Amazing scooter, great price point

Ordered my first scooter which happened to be a NanRobot D6+ and it is definitely bigger then I thought lol. Shipping came through without a scratch. Just needed some minor tightening of bolts as I went through the whole scooter. Definitely purchase a 2nd charger or fast charger to cut down on charging time. Haven't had to use customer service yet but I have great expectations that they will be there when i need them for anything after my purchase.

Awesome! Maybe needs a bit more battery range

Great scooter. Real fast and fun. It just needs a bit more battery. If you hold the throttle all the way down with the setting on the fastest you can only get about 20miles on a single charge. If I could pin the throttle for 35-40 miles would be a lot better. I’m looking into parallel battery upgrades since there are no bolt on kits online. I would have got the bigger Nanobot that goes 50mph but too heavy for carrying around all the time


The NanRobot provides everything I need in a transportation vehicle. I work on a college campus with quite a few hills. It navigates those hills effortlessly and I am 6’2 255 pounds. My previous electric bike purchase, failed that test. I’m so glad I found the NanRobot.

ups s

I still don't have my scooter yet. )-: You guys have been great, it's UPS that is the problem!!


Point A to point B!

Forget about traffic, cut that time in half, enjoy the wind and maneuver with ease.. my only regret is waiting so long to buy one.. D6+ is a beast! I love it out here on these Brooklyn streets!

Great scooter for under 2000

This scooter is amazing! I used to ride gas powered goped, gtr46 that went around 45mph and to be honest this is comparable, very clean scooter, Customerservice provided by dale and Lori was top notch. Got my scooter in two days from ordering. Only issue was my front fender was a little Miss formed but with some strength got it to fit. Scooter rides smooth and strong. Battery life could be a little better, but still not an issue. Overall very happy with my d6.

Utterly amazed

I couldn’t have made a better choice by far best scooter in the market. Meets any and all requirements I had going into this. And it’s so fast like damn. Shout out to Dale Ross a fellow Denverite for making this happen for all of us here in the USA. I wouldn’t call you a salesman your more like a missionary! I’m over on 24th and Tremont any time you wana go for a ride I’m down man Thanks .

Nanrobot D6

This scooter is the best i ever had! I had the D4 before and whime it was great, i wasnt happy with the stem wobble. D6 is soo much better and smooth and fast its just like a roadrunner. I only wish they had a folding stem lock because i carry this ip and down stairs. Yup its heavy but so worth it. Thank you Roadrunner for the fast service and answering all questions. I found out about roadrunner scooters by comments on youtube. What a GREAT company man, you cant find that much out here in NY. Well if you are reading this, buy the dam scooter and worry about paying later. This is NOT for KIDS. Have fun im out... beep beep!

Este scooter sepuede usar bajo la lluvia .?

El scooter no se puede montar bajo la lluvia.

Wow, just blown away!!

After reviewing the manual and setting up everything, I took this baby out for a quick spin. Wow just amazing, smooth riding, quick speed and and handled the city street like nothing. Overall, happy with this purchase.


Does what it’s supposed to do and that is to charge batteries


Scary Fast

The D4 is a BEAST.... 0 to 30+ in seconds. It is simply amazing... l made the right choice, Dale & everyone at RoadRunner, THANKS ,YA'LL ARE THE BEST....

The Best Scooter Ever

The Best Scooter Ever

The charger work great

The charger work great