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P.D. (Harrodsburg, KY, US)
First electric scooter!

This thing is a beast! Has a lot of power. I can’t wait to ride this around trails!

RoadRunner RS5+
R.M. (Fort Lauderdale, FL, US)
Bad **** Scooter

High Quality Scooter!! Roadrunner has done it! This scooter just by looking at it you can tell there was some effort to make a high quality design scooter!!


Se me hace un producto muy caro. Hay millones de niños que lo quieren. Pero para el presupuesto de los madres está imposible comprarlo

J.A. (Saint Cloud, MN, US)
Awesome escooter!

This thing is a beast!

Patrick C. (Denver, CO, US)
Freaking awesome!

Best ride ever!

P.C. (Denver, CO, US)
Holy ****!!!!!!

Good lord!
This monster is addictive, and that’s just saying it politely.
Just feeling the fresh air all around me, zooming around the streets of Denver is a dream, totally effortless.
And the speed is crazy!
I’m very happy with my new ride
Thanks a million.

RoadRunner RS5+
T.M. (Denver, CO, US)
This scooter slaps!

Cant' get enough fo the RS5+. Love the new features RoadRunner came up with. The combo lock deck lid is so easy to open. No more screws! When you look inside the deck there are no wires!!! The battery has one simple calbe to release and i can take it inside and charge in my office or home and not have to lug the scooter inside and make a scene at work.

The ride itself is just amazing. I've had it for two days and can't get off it! Great job RoadRunner!

RoadRunner R4
T.M. (Denver, CO, US)
The best features around!

Great quality and price for an amazing ride!

Nice alternative to cars

I have been an electric bike user for the past several years. I loved it so much, my wife and I sold our cars and used the bikes as our sole transportation for the past 2 years. Recently, I took on a client in an area of town difficult to access by e-bike (requires some freeway travel). I had been taking the train and hoping that a scooter share or bike share would be available at the other end.

RoadRunner RS5
Blaine P.
Did a lot of research.. RS5 lives up to billing

Since I am not a big fan of relying on the scooter/bike share programs I decided to purchase my own scooter. After some painstaking research I came across the RoadRunner RS5 and on paper it fit every requirement. It had great power, adequate range and I could easily carry it on the train. After taking delivery of my mantis a week or two ago, I must say it lives up to the advertisements and then some. This thing is powerful. It is a blast to turn both motors on blast down the road (Of course,only in a safe manner observing all applicable laws/regulations). There are much cheaper high quality scooters out there but for me this is the perfect mix of performance and portability that will keep me using it even when I don't have to get on the train.

RoadRunner R4
Taylr S.
RoadRunner R4 is great!

perfect for my purpose. 3 miles to work. no more bus!!!

RoadRunner R4
Madison M.
Great performance!

i was concerned on how the scooter would perform with a 260lbs rider, and i got to say that RoadRunner R4 does not disappoint. very happy with my purchase. thank you fluid RoadRunner Scooters!

RoadRunner RS5+
Jon (Westminster, CO, US)
Removalbe Battery is awesome

Fast, stable, comfortable and has range like a Prius! RoadRunner Scooters did an amazing job designing and building this scooter. Im glad I got the LG battery. Range is awesome.

RoadRunner RS5+
Cosme (Denver, CO, US)
Incredible scooter

Absolutely incredible scooter. The ride itself is second to none. I did a range test and I'm about 180lbs. I went 53 miles (some hills, frequent acceleration to 45mph, and on a paved road) I did about 53 miles and when I got back home, I still had 47 percent battery left. I've rode dualtrons, yume's, nanrobots etc. they all pale in comparison to the ride of the RS5+ Worth every penny imo. You can tell this thing was crafted with a lot of love. Box was packaged well and 0 issues with the scooter upon arrival. I highly recommend buying a RS5+. RoadRunner is awesome too! Thanks!!

RoadRunner RS5+
joel f. (New York, NY, US)
What a beast!

I received my RoadRunner RS5+ pre-order this morning. I'm very excited, the box was not damaged nor was the scooter. Everything was in perfect condition. The customer service was also topnotch. Just in time for Thanksgiving weekend. I will always do business with RoadRunner Scooters.

RoadRunner RS5+
Lilian B. (San Francisco, CA, US)
Love it Love it!

I love this item. It rides and handles smoothly. It is more then I had expected. It is well worth the price.

RoadRunner RS5+
John L. (Queens, NY, US)
The RS5+ doesn't disappoint!

The suspension is really good as you've most likely heard. The lights are awesome and bright.

RoadRunner R4
John B.
Sweet Ride

The Hydraulic brakes on the scooter are so great! Usually scooters of this size only have disc brakes. Such a huge difference to have hydraulic brakes! Well worth the couple extra bucks for a scooter like this.

Smooth as butter

I have a RoadRunner RS5 and let me tell you.. It's like a flying saucer that can go 45 MPH. The hinged decklid with a combo lock is a nice touch! Better than tons of screws to mess with. I am so glad I made this move from driving my car to riding a E-Scooter due to all the gas prices sky rocketing up. Thanks RoadRunner!

RoadRunner R4
Will R.
Amazing Quality and great price

I purchased my R4 a week ago. I have used it everyday weather allowed and it's amazing ! I am a 53 yr old man but this PEV makes me feel like a kid again.(can't say "scooter" w/out feeling as if testosterone leaves my body up utterance!) LOL I weigh 195 and it Max's out at 30 mph on flat straight away and 15% inclines at 15 mph or more. If youre on the it! You will thank me later!

RoadRunner RS5
David S.
Amazing service

Quick delivery, easy setup and met my expectations.

RoadRunner RS5+
Miguel L. (Queens, NY, US)
Such a smooth ride!

Although heavy, it is everything and more than I imagined. This is my first professional electric scooter, and I made a fantastic choice.

RoadRunner RS5+
Eddy N. (Denver, CO, US)
Slick ride

This thing is very well built, compared to all the other scooters I've ridden. The hinged decklid and easy to remove battery is so clutch.

RoadRunner R4
Scott L.
Such a great ride!

I spend a good bit of money on less quality scooters that broke. I would have saved money by buying RoadRunner R4 scooter first. Super quality components and problem free rides. Perfect weight and size for my needs. The easy folddown stem makes it easy to put in my car.

RoadRunner R4
Mike B.

The RoadRunner R4 is a sweet ride, great quality for the money. No regrets!