NUTT Hydraulic Braking System - D6+, LS7, LS7+ (New Generation)

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Fits both Nanrobot D6+ and LS7 (1st Generation) and LS7+ (New Generation) Models, 2 Calipers,  2 levers and both lines.

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Wayne (Buffalo, NY, US)
Stopping with confidence on a dime

I previously used the mechanical disc brakes which worked well but had two main drawbacks;complete pad retraction from the discs was at times sluggish due to friction between the cables and cable housings and the serpentine routing of the cables which is unavoidable added to the friction.Secondly,occasional adjustments were required to compensate for pad wear and cable stretch. I switched to the Nutt Hydraulic Braking System to avoid the above issues and to gain the following advantages: it's virtually friction free,complete pad release is achieved(no brake drag) and the system self adjusts to compensate for pad wear. Also,with hydraulic brakes both pads are pushed against the disc to produce more stopping power,whereas with the mechanical version only one pad moves while the other remains fixed which reduces braking force relatively.In addition,it requires less effort to produce the same amount of braking force compared to its mechanical counterpart.The Nutt Hydraulic Brakes are a joy to have and I highly recommend them because of their inherent stronger braking,extremely low maintenance and once properly bled the only thing that is needed is the periodic replacement of brake pads.