Steering Damper - D6+

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Steering Damper for the Nanrobot D6+ scooter.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
S.Z. (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Makes ALL the difference

Waited a long time for this to be back in stock but Dale made sure I got one. It really makes a huge difference. I can ride with one hand and scratch my nose with the other without crashing. I feel so much safer too. Had a few spinal operations so a crash would really mess me up bad. I'm glad to finally have it.

b.c. (San Francisco, CA, US)

Totally agree with W.

Just installed and feel much better about not having the scooter stem suddenly spin in front of me and throw me off. I think that's what happened to me back in February, somehow. Fell off, had some sore body parts, but all good. Picking this up was well worth it. Plus, super easy and quick install.

W.C. (Brooklyn, NY, US)
Steering with confidence

Installation was a breeze. Was riding my D6+ for approximately 18 months which allowed me ample time to assess the attitude of the scooter without the damper. At 30 mph the steering mechanism was fairly stable but above that speed approaching 40 mph there was a detectable but manageable front end wobble that required a firmer hold/grip on the handlebar. The period during which the scooter was used without a damper,I was able to reduce the front end wobble to a degree by stiffening the front springs on the adjustable shock without compromising ride comfort. After installing the damper and riding the scooter in dual turbo mode in either 2nd or 3rd gears there was a huge and tangible difference in straight line steering stability. Above 30mph the wobble was eliminated and the directional stability when accelerating out of turns was greatly improved and I am now able to snap the throttle wide open on dry and gravel free road surfaces of course with more confidence due to improved positive steering feedback. Prior to mounting the damper unit the throttle had to be gently squeezed open when exiting turns due to the twitchy attitude of the steering. Also,before the damper was mounted,attempting to ride with one hand momentarily was scary to say the least but is no longer the case if I need to use the left hand briefly as a hand signal. I am in no way recommending riding with one hand but if it is necessary to do so quickly for a specific reason when SAFE,the damper makes it easier to execute. Having the damper on the scooter is like night and day which has significantly improved the handling at higher speeds,so if you would like to enjoy riding the scooter at its limits when CONDITIONS PERMIT and is SAFE to do so this steering damper in my estimation is a must and I strongly recommend it to all D6+ owners who would like to ride with more confidence at higher speeds. SAFE and RESPONSIBLE riding to all 'scooterists'.

David R. (Chandler, AZ, US)
Huge difference!

I’m so pleased with the steering damper for my D6+ scooter. Installation is simple and the impact is amazing. No more wobbly or nervous feeling. Having felt the before and after, I don’t think I would want to ride a scooter without one. Thanks Nanrobot and Roadrunner!