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What Do I Need to Know About the Batteries? - RoadRunner Scooters

Our lithium-ion battery packs, available in various sizes, typically exhibit a lifespan of 400-700 charging cycles. Over time, a natural decrease in riding range and maximum voltage occurs due to the inherent chemistry of these batteries, leading to diminished cell capacity.

For comprehensive insights into extending battery lifespan, please refer to the accompanying article.

Outlined below are fundamental tips:

  1. Maintain an optimal temperature: Avoid exposing batteries to excessive heat during charging or operation. While lithium-ion batteries are more resilient in cold conditions compared to other types, extreme temperatures compromise their energy storage and release capabilities. We recommend storing your scooter within a temperature range of 50°F to 70°F for optimal performance.
  2. Ensure adequate airflow: Proper ventilation is crucial for battery health, as it helps dissipate heat and maintain operational efficiency.
  3. Prevent exposure to moisture: Avoid riding through puddles or snow, as moisture infiltration into the battery can cause damage. Please note that water-damaged scooters are not covered under our warranty guarantee.
  4. Opt for slower charging: Particularly for smaller battery packs, a slower charging rate (such as with the standard 2A chargers provided) is preferable to preserve battery life.
  5. Avoid overcharging: While our chargers feature automatic shutdown mechanisms upon reaching full charge, it's advisable to disconnect the charger from the scooter's charging port once charging is complete (indicated by a green light).

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