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Motor Unidad dual sin escobillas de 2000 W (1000 W x 2)
Batería Iones de litio de 52 V y 23,4 Ah
Rango maximo 40 millas*
Peso del scooter 70 libras
Peso máximo del ciclista 330 libras
Tamaño de llanta Neumáticos neumáticos híbridos de 10"
Suspensión Tipo C con amortiguadores de resorte delanteros y traseros
Frenos Sistema de frenos hidráulicos EBS delantero y trasero
Tiempo de recarga de la batería 9-10 horas (4-5 con 2 cargadores)
Luces LED delantero y trasero
Dimensión plegada 49" (largo) x 9" (ancho) x 21" (alto)
Dimensión vertical 49" (largo) x 9" (ancho) x 50" (alto)
Plataforma a manillares 32" - 38" (ajustable)
Mostrar LCD digital con puerto USB
Puertos de carga 2 puertos (1 cargador incluido)

Clasificación de agua IP IP 53
Ángulo de escalada inclinación de 28°

*Los rangos y velocidades varían según el estilo de conducción y el peso del ciclista.

El D4+ se ha hecho un nombre como scooter clásico y confiable. Pero estamos aquí para decirles que hay un nuevo D4+ en la ciudad. El nuevo RoadRunner D4+ 4.0 ya está aquí y es mejor que nunca. ¡El D4+ 4.0 ahora viene de serie con un amortiguador de dirección, frenos hidráulicos y suspensión C para una conducción más suave hasta el momento!

RoadRunner Scooters

D4+ 4.0 Owner Reviews

"Best purchase yet!"

"Amazing device 👌 20 miles round trip to work daily for a week no problems!! Saves gas, insurance, bus and TIME. On and off road perfection 👌"

Chritopher M.

"Lotsa fun!

"I bought the roadrunner to ride the many connecting river parks. So far it’s met all my expectations and then some. It’s a ton of fun and I’m a big guy. It has plenty of power and great range. Very happy!"

James F.

"My Little Roadrunner 😄"

"I love this scooter...It's a thrill to ride, everything works as I was expecting...I have already put many miles on it and over many different terrains and weather...The range is good...My construction book was seriously outdated but, we figured it out...In the future I would like to see a USB option and selection of tires...The speed is scary fast, but hey it's a Roadrunner (Beep Beep...)...😅🤣😂"



These scooters are fast, fun, comfortable were getting them loaded up to try them over at the beach for the week. opened them on Christmas day and so far they are a total Blast.


Fast and furious

This is a excellent scooter. Very well made and definitely fulfilled my expectations. I’m enjoying the ride. I also appreciate the fast response when I let you know something was missing from my Steering Damper kit. Thanks again.



I am 75 years old. I bought two of them. We live in Florida in an area with extensive bike trails lots of smooth riding. They are great for buzzing for zipping into town to check out the pretty girls.


Loads of fun for a adult

This thing is fast fits my 6”4 tall frame great. Very high quality wish it had more L.E.D.S on the deck

Christopher D.

Technical Specifications

2000W (1000W X 2) Brushless Dual Drive
2 Ports (1 Charger included)
40 miles*
10" Pneumatic Hybrid Tires
C-Type with Front & Rear Spring Shock Absorbers
Front and Rear EBS Hydraulic Brake System
Digital LCD with USB Port
70 lbs
330 lbs
49" (l) x 9" (w) x 50" (h)
28° incline
IP 53
32" - 38" (stem is adjustable)
Blue, Black
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Customer Reviews

Based on 244 reviews
Michael Y. (Houston, TX, US)
Scooter 4* - Service 5*!

1st off, the service from this company is absolutely outstanding. I had a missing piece when delivered so I emailed them and withing 10 minutes I had a response and within 20 minutes I had shipping info. I have emailed them several times since I have made my order and it has never been longer than 10 minutes before I've received a response and a resolution. You dont find that very often these days! As far as the scooter, it is a great running scooter with tons of power and it is comfortable to ride. I gave it 4 starts for a couple of reasons. 1st, the displays are pretty much useless and a bit dangerous during the day in my opinion. They are near invisible unless you remove one hand from the handle bars and shade them to see the details. I have 2 other electric toys and both have no issues with the screens in daylight. 2nd, the throttle on this unit is a top mounted throttle and sits on top of the right hand brake. This can also be a bit dangerous and confusing to some people. I find it best to have both hands on the both brakes in case of an emergency. Especially on a scooter that can reach the speeds that this one can. A thumb driven throttle under the right handle is a much mor comfortable and safe way to manage your acceleration. I will gladly purchase an upgraded throttle and LED screen should they ever decide to make one. IMO this would make this scooter a solid 5 star unit.

Shane a.S.B.

D4+ 4.0 Electric Scooter

Carey E. (West Olive, MI, US)

D4+ 4.0 Electric Scooter

Joshua W. (Euclid, OH, US)
Great First scooter!

This scooter is great my only complaint is that the handle bars have a little play in them and I can’t find any videos on how to replace with aftermarket parts

Christopher M. (Lynnwood, WA, US)
Best purchase yet!

Amazing device 👌 20 miles round trip to work daily for a week no problems!! Saves gas, insurance, bus and TIME. On and off road perfection 👌

Ben D. (Sun Prairie, WI, US)
fantastic scooter

shipping was insanely fast.. beautiful machine and great build quality

Christopher D. (Havre de Grace, MD, US)
Loads of fun for a adult

This thing is fast fits my 6”4 tall frame great. Very high quality wish it had more L.E.D.S on the deck .

Eric G. (Peoria, AZ, US)

Love the scooter very comfortable and well built.
Can’t wait to rack up the miles

B.B. (Louisville, KY, US)

Came in quick. No damage. Very fast and so comfortable to ride.

Steve F. (Miami, FL, US)
Should be named "Ludacris 4.0"...

I'll start with the bad:
The voltage lock was missing a **** upon arrival.

The hardware included with the steering dampener appeared to be missing critical items and included things I didn't need, however upon further inspection, it appears that a redesign has taken place since the manual was written, evidenced by the instructions and pictures in it.

The tires and brake pads are not going to last long if the scooter is pushed to its full potential on a regular basis.

This thing will kill you if not respected.

It is completely, totally insane.

The good:
It is completely, totally insane.

The build quality is exceptional.

The customer service is expeditious and polite. The **** I was missing was sent out the next day.

The scooter seems to handle perfectly fine at full speed even without the steering dampener installed. I have had zero issues with speed wobble.

The brakes are good. Like, really, REALLY good.

I weigh 165 lb and so far the maximum speed I have seen on the scooters display screen is 37 mph, which is plenty fast for my needs, however is somewhat surprising because the maximum speed is supposed to be 40 mph. My last scooter was 800 watts and had a maximum advertised speed of 28 miles an hour, which I was able to achieve reliably...

It is ridiculously ludicrously fast, does two wheeled burnouts and goes from 0 to 30 mph in 3 seconds, LITERALLY. Read that again and let it reverberate inside your head for a bit. After you're done chewing on that nugget, understand that if you are not riding responsibly, or are inebriated, this thing is going to either end your life or make you a paraplegic - It is not a toy, stay safe.

I would absolutely recommend this to a friend, but not a friend's child or anyone with a heart condition.

The end.