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RoadRunner Scooters #RideOn

How we are Different

RoadRunner Scooters keeps the branding and options simple for a reason. We have partnered with the best brand in the Electric Scooter market!  We choose to to be the one and only one-stop-shop for ALL Nanrobot product expertise and information you will ever need. We do not have 3 to 5 manufacturers to deal with, allowing us to be the experts and maintain a consistent supply chain with the one we have, the BEST!

We tell everybody that who you buy your scooter from, is by far the most important decision you will make when purchasing your scooter. RR Scooters is the ONLY US based dealer that sells and services ONE brand only.  This allows us to stock ALL parts in our Denver warehouse, for every scooter we stock. We even have a company policy to overnight ANY warranty related part, overnight to any customer within the 50 states. So we will never make you wait like others often do, for a part to be shipped from overseas!

The Short Story of How it Began

After many trips around the country and renting several scooters along the way, Owner/Founder, Dale Ross, began to notice the sharp price increase in scooter rentals, along with the deteriorating condition of most fleets. He knew it was time to purchase his own.  

After learning there was very little brand availability, coupled with the pure lack of options available to purchase a new scooter, he was convinced there had to be a better way. This is when the light bulb came on and RoadRunner Scooters was born.  

This led to countless hours of research and endless weeks of discussions and relationship building with some of the most sought after scooter manufacturers in the world.  It had become obvious rather quickly that there was one clear favorite we really wanted to partner with. Nanrobot Electric Scooters is one of the top global brands in the electric scooter industry today. We already knew Nanrobot had a superior product.  It became very obvious that we shared similar visions. It was the mutual desire to bring an elevated level of customer service to the American consumer that made this partnership a perfect fit for both sides.  

We Promise

  • Quality electric scooters, parts and accessories at a fair price with a 6-month limited warranty.
  • Free expedited shipping on all new scooter purchases and any other orders that are $250 or more. Orders placed prior to 12 PM EST (noon) will ship the same day from our Denver, CO warehouse.
  • Quick response to questions and issues within hours NOT days.
  • To offer you the absolute best customer service after the sell than any other company in the industry....hands down!


Dale Ross-Owner