About RoadRunner Scooters

"I wanted to build what I knew the customers were wanting!”

At the heart of RoadRunner Scooters is Dale Ross, a genuine scooter enthusiast and visionary entrepreneur. Dale's journey wasn't just about creating another electric scooter brand; it was about redefining the entire experience. Driven by the belief that customers deserved more, Dale meticulously crafted a business around that very conviction. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Dale harnessed the valuable insights from fellow riders and customer feedback, combined with his own rich experience as a scooter aficionado, to bring RoadRunner Scooters to life.

Welcome to RoadRunner Scooters, the epitome of innovation in the electric scooter domain. What sets us apart? Our relentless focus on what riders truly seek. Our latest line isn't just a set of products, it's the culmination of dreams and expectations from riders who are just as passionate about scooters as we are. We don't just meet standards – we set them.

Our approach to retail extends far beyond merely selling scooters. We have crafted a comprehensive experience that encapsulates everything a scooter enthusiast could wish for: premium scooter sales, a vast array of parts, and most importantly, an exclusive service department based in Denver, CO. Sure, anyone can sell you a scooter, but only RoadRunner pairs each sale with unparalleled customer service and a dedication to quality that is as relentless as our customers’ demand for it.

RoadRunner Scooters isn't just leading the pack; we're redesigning the race. As the only electric scooter retailer in a multi-state region boasting a bona fide parts and service department, our commitment to excellence knows no bounds. With degreed engineers anchoring our team, we infuse expertise and innovation into every aspect of our business, ensuring that your experience is nothing short of groundbreaking.

Each RoadRunner scooter isn't just a vehicle; it's a pledge—a pledge of quality, longevity, and satisfaction. From our hands to yours, we ensure every scooter is backed by a comprehensive one-year warranty with additional affordable extended warranty options, so your adventure never has to pause. We're not just selling scooters; we are curating a journey, and we invite you to be part of the RoadRunner family where, no matter what, you can always #Ride On!

At RoadRunner Scooters, your journey is our blueprint. Every path you take, every mile you conquer, we are there with you. We’re more than a brand; we’re your trusted PEV experts eager to assist in any way we can!

Welcome to RoadRunner Scooters – Gear up, venture out, and let's make every road an extraordinary one.

our Promise

  • To provide quality electric scooters, parts, and accessories at a fair price with a 1-year warranty.
  • To offer free shipping on all new scooter purchases and any other orders that are over $750. All scooter orders placed prior to 12pm (noon) EST will typically ship the same day from our Las Vegas based warehouse. All parts orders placed prior to 3pm EST will ship same day from our Denver, CO warehouse.
  • Quick response to questions and issues within hours NOT days.
  • Our goal is to offer you the absolute best customer service before, during, and after the sale than any other company in the industry... hands down! Please do not take it from us, however– feel free to read our authentic reviews.