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RoadRunner RS5+ 2.0 Electric Scooter

You'll never need another one. The best off-road or street riding. Very impressive.

RoadRunner D4+ 2.0 Electric Scooter
Josue F. (Los Angeles, CA, US)

Best scooter out there fun and fast!

Doesn’t cover what they say haven’t been helped with my scooters issues basically told since I tested the scooter it’s now assumed used and nobody will help me.

Upon arrival I was happy with the overall use of it and I ensured to fully charge it before use. While charging I took inspected it fully and noticed that even after peeling off the protection stickers on the speedometer it was scratched underneath, almost like it was a used one that was put on a new scooter.
Handle bars can’t go up higher then two clicks on the extension because the wiring will not allow it too.
Front disk brake was not installed correctly is was skipping and loose.
And the brakes overall needed some much needed adjustments as the back brake wasn’t working either.
Also when you try to turn it to the right the wiring gets in the way and will not allow it too.
Now I have to make these fixes on my own because since I chose to ride it and test it out Roadrunner refuses to take it back.
So yes it’s fun and powerful! Very nice power delivery I was impressed.
And it road smooth as well so for that alone I’ll give it 3 out of 5 but over all I’m disappointed.

RoadRunner D4+ 4.0 Electric Scooter
Mark S. (Fremont, CA, US)
Simply The Best for the Bucks

I have owned Varla and Hiboy Scooters and they simply don't compare to the RoadRunner. Craftsmanship is stellar --You can't lose with a RoadRunner ---PS Make sure you wear a helmet, the dude is fast


Yes, I got this

Scooter Bag

Yes, I got this

Phone Mount

Yes, I got this

I haven’t got my package. I think somebody else took it. I need my money back or I need my package because it says delivered and I never got it. What’s that means I don’t understand.

I haven’t got my package it might be someone else took it I need help where’s my stuff?

RoadRunner RS5 2.0 Electric Scooter

Great scooter ! Top of the line in quality
Loved it 100%

La mejor aplicación


RoadRunner D4+ 2.0 Electric Scooter
Walker T. (West Jordan, UT, US)

Blown away. Fast and aggressive with adjustable settings to make it perfect for cruises. Middle of the city? Out on the salt flats? Slow? Fast? This scooter is for anyone looking to level up. The way its built means you can maintain, repair, and catch air with this BEAST of a scooter. Wear a helmet. 10/10.

RoadRunner D4+ 2.0 Electric Scooter
Brian J. (Warwick, RI, US)
D4+ 2.0

Love it! Everything I wanted and more.

RoadRunner D4+ 2.0 Electric Scooter
Jim F. (Newark, OH, US)
Great scoot right out of the box

I ordered two of the D4 2.0 for my wife and I. There was minimal assembly. Just check the tire pressure and ride. Just watch the brakes, they are a bit touchy.

RoadRunner RS5 2.0 Electric Scooter
Justine G. (Reston, VA, US)
The Roadrunner RS5 2.0 is amazing for the price range

After about a week with the new Roadrunner RS5 2.0 I have to say I have had zero issues or complaints. Apart from the size and weight, it makes up for itself with comfort and distance. I travel to work about 20 minutes ride each way with gravel roads, asphalt streets, and bike trails. The suspension may seem firm at first but after a while you break in the hydraulic springs and feel very few bumps. On the topic of charging, I haven’t had to charge this scooter in four days when using first gear. When it comes to torque going up hills, I was skeptical but quickly found out it has absolutely no decrease in cruising speed when you hit a 25 degree slope.
The bright lights and solid build design really shows with the price you pay for performance and quality.
Overall this scooter is a must buy for long range and all terrain traveling! Have not thought about buying another kind since.

Seller offered shipping protection but even when i didn't receive the item they still didn't refund my money

As we have stated, we are very sorry your scooter was lost. However, these reviews are meant to be honest and we would appreciate if you followed that guideline. Your package was signed for and a picture ID was presented per the Proof of Delivery by FedEx which we shared with you. If something else happened to your package other than what FedEx presented, then we have suggested that you discuss this with them, as they are responsible for the package once they guarantee us it was delivered. We have a very clear policy around this issue for this reason. FedEx is a multi billion dollar corporation and if they improperly delivered your package by forging your signature, then we highly recommend you hold them accountable for doing so.

I’m 260lbs and this scooter rips all over at 38 to 40mph!!! Does 28 up steep hills pretty awesome!!

RoadRunner RS5 2.0 Electric Scooter
RAPH P. (Winter Park, FL, US)

Amazing product 👌 I'm really enjoying it it's worth the price 100% very smooth and very reliable as a daily transportation vehicle. If you're in need of a scooter ! Go ahead, get yourself one , you will not regret it . The quality is there on part's and on the frame of the scooter. Again loved it .

RoadRunner RS5 2.0 Electric Scooter
C.k. (Roseville, CA, US)
This is the one

I’m struggling to find criticism for this scooter. This thing is amazing. Coming from a cheaper $1000 Chinese knock-off, it is a night and day difference. It feels solidly constructed down to every last nut and bolt. Sine wave controller is so smooth, but doesn’t have that same burst of speed from a square wave controller, so if max speed is important to you, that might be worth noting. I will gladly lose a bit of acceleration for the sake of stability. There are settings that can be adjusted, I think, to increase that acceleration force though, but I can’t speak on it since I haven’t tried it. Suspension is butter, it does amazing on the public roads and even on some mild gravel and rock paths that I have tried. I have heard Roadrunner customer support is next level, but thankfully I have had no need to contact them in the 8 days I have owned it so far. The blinkers are a cool detail, although one I haven’t really used. The headlight is adequate but not really sufficient for night riding, but hey, I’m reaching here. Overall, this is the one you have been looking for. If you are here reading this then you know your stuff already and are just waiting to convince yourself to make the jump. Let me settle your mind and just say, GO FOR IT.

RoadRunner D4+ 4.0 Electric Scooter
Joseph(DJ S. (Philadelphia, PA, US)
Roadrunner D4 + 4.0

You just can’t beat the value these guys bring to the powered scooter world, find a scooter that is built well with 90% of the options you would want on a fast scooter like Hydraulic Brakes, Steering Damper, 40 mph top speed, decent range for UNDER $1,300 SHIPPED?! These guys did it! I have both the D4 + 2.0 and the D4 + 4.0 and man what a difference in suspension performance and stopping power is night and day difference as well! So glad I upgraded to the 4.0 it’s the best bang for your buck period. Keep doing yo thang Roadrunner! Thanks!