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Christopher R. (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Nanrobot D6+

Crazy Fast!

Chris G. (Kirkland, WA, US)
What a BEAST!

This scooter is undoubtedly the most fun i have had standing up in forever! Its as fast as the wind (just hit 40mph) maneuverable, balances well and has just enough settings to give you your custom ride without becoming too complex.

I used to have a HiBoy S2 which would grind to a halt on a 7% incline (as measured in my car when driving up it...) but the D4+ 2.0 powered up it at 27mph from a standing start with a 200lb man on it (me).

I love the gears, allowing you to pick how you accelerate and what your top speed will be, and the turbo/dual motor selectors also allow control over how fast you go and how fast you drain the batteries.

The Electronic Braking System helps slow you down almost too much! I have it on level 2 (out of 5) and it feels almost like I'm going to fly over the handlebars (but I haven't!). Its needed when you are hitting the speeds that this scooter can reach.

One minor opportunity for improvement: The instructions arent that clear on how to set it up. It took a bit of trial and error to attach the accelerator and brakes in such a way that they were both easily accessible and on my first attempt i ended up preventing the handlebars from folding, for example. Perhaps Roadrunner could include printed instructions that compliment the ones from Nanrobot?

In summary - this is an incredible ride and SO much better than my previous one. I am DELIGHTED.

Daniel R. (Brooklyn, NY, US)
D4 3.0

I ordered my 3.0 on the 7th and I got it early yesterday afternoon I will say this first off its heavier than I thought but the weight is needed because this thing is fast it has crazy pull dual motor and turbo hold on tight I also have the seat when seated the scooter becomes backend heavy so I felt many times if I didn't lean forward I could fall back and at top speed handling felt a little shaky but listen life on the edge is more fun tomorrow I'll try without the seat I'm really impressed with the power suspension is all good one minor thing the ignition key/volt reader the small tightening screw somehow ended up inside the volt reader I can't figure that one out so now I'm riding and that piece is rattling and annoying I sent nanrobot a email so let's see if they'll send me a new one
I'm 5/6" 165 pounds

jeffrey h. (San Francisco, CA, US)
Great Scooter, Obnoxious Branding

Love the scooter, don’t like advertising it everywhere I ride it. Luckily, the obnoxious NANROBOT U.S.A. stickers and grip tape can be removed with a little work. I get why they do it, but I feel like a NASCAR driver sponsoring them. Will the next version have QR codes that lead directly to this website?

Manuel P. (Las Vegas, NV, US)

I just received my scooter n sure does this thing runs pretty fast. My first ever electric scooter n well worth the money I spend for.

NANROBOT® Lightning 8" (Wide Wheel)
Ariel S. (El Cajon, CA, US)
Satisfied customer

I love my lighting. The Acceleration and handling it better than I had hoped for. So worth the money. Furthermore, I had to reach out to the company about a minor issue and I can’t tell you how pleased I was with their quick response. I will definitely buy from them again.

Jaren R. (Bonney Lake, WA, US)
Second scooter ona way

Ill tel ya right now i've order one and have had all the fun, beep beep beepin flying down the road, it really is a thrill. can we do custom horns? either way the scooter i have is made by nanrobot 1200 watt x2 and at my weight 150 i have gotten 82 kmph. now i am farely certain that is above max speed so how far can i push these scooters while considering weight as the biggest factor. ive had this scooter for 6-8 months put over 1500 km on it and i can say it was worth it.

Elvis H. (Fort Lauderdale, FL, US)
Must get scooter!

Best scooter hands-down! Very fast! Best scooter I have purchased! Looks very aggressive and a head turner! The only downfall is when you hit full speed The handling gets a little shaky other than that you can’t go wrong with this scooter!

Pare S. (Sherbrooke, QC, CA)


Daniel R. (The Bronx, NY, US)
Nanrobot d4 3.0

I ordered it yesterday I'm anxiously waiting I will leave my review soon as it arrives

Nanrobot® RS7 (NEW 2021)
James C. (Portland, OR, US)
2021 RS7 so Sweet

Roadrunner has super service + everything arrives with in 1 to 3 days fast. My second scooter wish I went with Roadrunner the first time. Two things to look for before buying a scooter (power + suspension). You don't have to use all the power at first but its nice to have when you need it. With the ruff roads it will tair your scooter apart if you don't have great suspension. Roadrunner has it all get the best. Love my RS7

Nanrobot® RS7 (NEW 2021)
Jordan S. (St Louis, MO, US)
Pick up truck of scooters.

This thing is an absolute tank. I'm about 320 pounds and this thing still pulls. Cars get mad because I keep up with them in traffic.

Thing power's up hills in dual motor mode and even with my weight the range is reasonable in turbo mode.

My only complain is the horn and lights still run while the scooter is off. I find my self accidentally bumping the horn button and blasting my ears.

Also the folding handlebars have a tendency to rattle loose.

Otherwise this thing is an attention getter. I can't go anywhere without being asked questions about it.

John F. (Garfield, NJ, US)

Everything is perfect but i wish there is a hook to hold the stem when I fold.

Mitch L. (Zebulon, NC, US)
Great Service!

Hand brake part was missing when I received the scooter. I reported the problem and RoadRunner Scooters was quick to send the missing part. I’d buy from them again and again!

Daniel J. (Studio City, CA, US)
Killer with a few little improvements that could help

Amazing amazing amazing. So well built. This thing feel indestructible and is very fast with plenty of torque on tap. Get the seat, your legs do get tired and being able to sit every now and then and also traveling faster feels safer. I do have issues adjusting these brakes though they are really finicky and hard to adjust. Right now with fresh pads even when putting the brakes on lightly it’s locking up I can’t seem to adjust to where I’m stoked. Maybe some advice here?

Also extremely twitchy accelerator. You have to change speed modes all the time to adjust acceleration when entering tight spaces. I think nanrobot should add a twist throttle option as well, or adjust the acceleration curve somehow. It’s just all on or all off, it needs to be way smoother thus my twist throttle suggestion to have more control over acceleration curve.

Star deducted for acceleration curve and time needed to adjust brakes and even then very hard to adjust to taste. (which you can get used to but first time riders hate) Otherwise a beast.

Warren H. (Stevensville, MD, US)

Service has been great well informed before and after purchase.would highly recommend buying your scooter here.hope scooter is a good as customer service has been

Kelvin M. (Portland, OR, US)

One of the best out there but the front suspension could be improved which did on the 3.0 so other than that it’s perfect. No issues so far will shop here again for sure.

Robert U. (Brooklyn, NY, US)


Nanrobot® RS7 (NEW 2021)
Luis G. (Kernersville, NC, US)
What a bad as scooter !🙆🏻‍♂️👍👍👍👍

We are incredibly happy with our purchase of the nanrobot rs7 2021 ! This thing is a completely a beast +++ 54 mph ! I’m 189 lbs , worth every single penny ! CUSTUMER SERVICES on the phone or online is the BEST EVER AND FAST !! Thanks you guys !! ….

Luis P. (Los Angeles, CA, US)
D4 2.0Nan Robot

The one i got im so happy! I brought it to my work lot of them they like it so much they want it to buy too
Thanks to Nan Robot!

J T.S. (Pittsfield, IL, US)
Lovin' it!

I have nothing to compare it with but this thing rocks. Climbs hills. Has power with 1 motor and if I want to zoom up hills I kick it in dual motor. Has some torque. The deck is wide enough to fit comfortably and the build quality seems nice. I take it off road the majority of the time. Disc golf course, dirt and gravel roads. It runs over sticks and roots no problem. Suspension seems comfortable and smooth. Even over rough terrain. Keep in mind, I am 6' and 280 at the time I purchased it 14 days ago. I am now 275 so I gained a mile an hour in two weeks. Portability is OK with this style of folding the stem and the handle bars fold in making it nice to put back of an SUV or even my grocery getter, my buick la sabre. Takes a little finesse to fold it up but that keeps stem wobble to a minimum. You will have to adjust to find your sweet spot. I see it working for many. Especially in this price range you can't go wrong with the D4+ 3.0. . My top speed on flat pavement with my weight at 280 was 38 mph. Single motor turbo is where I run it the most cruising around and while maintaining our disc golf course. I can still climb the grades and keep it safe on the dirt paths without torquing my way off the D4+ 3.0. The red is my choice of color and it changes tone with how the sunlight or lack thereof hits it so the look of the scooter is pretty cool. Only thing I wish is that they gave you a starter print out of things to prep for your first ride but an email came through answering my questions. It's a scooter in box and it arrived unharmed and one would not be disappointed in this purchase.

J T Smith

Z S. (Lynchburg, VA, US)

I’ve just had it a few days now but let me tell you, this is one quick scooter. I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting myself into with this purchase. I came from an entry level 350w street cruising scooter… needless to say, the D4 2.0 is playing in a whole different league… planet, more like it. Super quick acceleration, scary top end and battery life seems solid thus far. If something breaks on this thing though, I have no experience fixing this type of machine. It’s FAR more complex than I’ve ever had to troubleshoot and much less fix. So wish me luck and make sure to at least get a helmet. Wreck on this thing and you could easily be a goner.

Daniel D. (Punta Gorda, FL, US)

This is my first scooter. And at 53 years old I believe it should be my last. This thing rocks. Shipping only took eight days. The scooter was boxed very well with no damage. I did have a question, so I emailed road runner scooters. They got back to me immediately!

This being my first scooter, I did a lot of practice in our parking garage. I then ventured out into the streets and bike ways of S.W. Florida . It took me a week to deplete the first battery charge. And it should be noted I got 47 miles out of the first charge. Several days after riding the scooter, I was able to reach speeds of 20-25mph safely and with confidence. This is due to the build quality of this scooter!

I did months of research on various scooters. I am glad I picked road runner scooters to purchase my first one.

E-Thrill Ride!

Overall this is an excellent e-scooter that packs a punch. The torque this thing delivers will leave you never wanting for more. I had one issue with the headlight rattling but RRS as their reputation precedes ordered me a replacement within 24 hours of me making them aware of the issue. Love the Nanrobot Lightning!

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Dylan P. (Providence, RI, US)

This scooter is great 👍🏾 pretty fast. Why does a warning light come up when i break?