RoadRunner RS5

In the box: Scooter Manual, Charger, Multi-tool
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The RoadRunner RS5 is our newest high-performance scooter with all the latest technology and features that will absolutely give you the best ride you’ve ever had! The ONLY 52V scooter with an easy-open deck lid and a quick-release removable battery. Complete with tubeless tires. No more changing tubes!

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Standard with a one-year warranty. Option to purchase a 1,2, or 3-year extended warranty.

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Free ground shipping all lower 48 US States. Hawaii and Alaska incur additional shipping costs.


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The Latest Technology and Features Available

52V Removable Battery

Finally, you can easily separate your battery from your scooter without any tools! Simply release the single quick-connect plug battery from the scooter and charge it without having to take it inside.  Easy to always have a charged battery ready to easily swap out when needed.

Easy Open Deck Lid

Tired of having to get tools out to open your deck lid?  The RS5 comes with a combination lock and hinged decklid that turns a 10-minute task into a 10-second one!

Tubeless Tires

No more inner tubes! Inner tubes are both expensive and time consuming to change.  The RS5 has true pneumatic car-grade tires that do not require inner-tubes.  No more worries over a pinched inner tube and oily sealant.  These durable tubeless air-filled tires will survive nasty potholes and rough roads.

Stable Ride

Steering Damper

The optional steering damper stabilizes the front-end of the RS5 to eliminate any speed-wobble or vibrations to give a much smoother ride at high speeds.

Upgraded Locking Mechanism

RoadRunner has engineered a stem folding mechanism which provides more stability when fully locked, to ensure a safer and more confident riding experience.

Folding/Locking Stem

Most scooters in the RS5’s class do not have a locking mechanism when folded. This newly designed stem system makes it very simple to fold and lock the RS5. Easy to pick up and transport.

Updated Features

LED Display

The RS5 has a display that riders can finally see in the bright sunlight!  After listening to customer feedback about hard to read LED displays, RoadRunner has delivered a large LED display that can be seen in all types of conditions.

Adjustable Hydraulic Spring Suspension

The RS5 provides a superior suspension that makes this scooter so comfortable, it almost feels like floating.  It is equipped with a dual hydraulic spring suspension system that can be easily adjusted to a soft ride for off-road riding or a stiff ride for on-road riding.

NUTT Hydraulic Brakes

The RS5 comes with a low-maintenance NUTT hydraulic braking system which is the industry leader.  It is a high-performance disc brake that gives you more stopping power, longer durability, and faster/reliable braking.

Smoother Ride

Sine Wave technology

Sine wave controllers apply power in a more continuous, smooth motion, resulting in a smoother acceleration pattern.  The RS5 has a single speed controller with cutting-edge Sine Wave technology.  This new technology makes the acceleration much smoother and reduces motor noise significantly.

Thumb throttle

The RS5 comes with a thumb-throttle.  In general, thumb throttles are the most ergonomic, safe, and comfortable for riding electric scooters, as they allow the riders’ driving hand to maintain grip with all fingers while the thumb controls the throttle. 

Motor 2400W (1200 X 2) Brushless Dual Drive
Battery 52V 23.2Ah Lithium ion quick-release removable battery
Maximum Range 45 Miles*
Scooter Weight 79 lbs
Tire Size 10" Pneumatic Tubeless Hybrid Air Tire
Suspension Front & Rear Hydraulic Spring Shocks
Brakes Front and Rear NUTT Hydraulic Brake System
Battery Recharge Time 9-10 hours (4-5 with 2 Chargers)
Lights LED Headlights, Side Lights, Brake Lights, Lower Front Deck Lights
Folded Dimension 50” (l) x 12 ” (w) x 24” (h)
Upright Dimension 50” (l) x 12” (w) x 49” (h)
Deck to Handlebars 40"
Display LED Display - Visible in all conditions
Charging Ports 2 Ports (1 Charger included)
Special Features Blinkers, Cruise Control, Horn
Climbing Angle 32° incline

 *Ranges and speeds vary on the riding style and weight of the rider.

what our customers think

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Mark T.
Nice alternative to cars

I have been an electric bike user for the past several years. I loved it so much, my wife and I sold our cars and used the bikes as our sole transportation for the past 2 years. Recently, I took on a client in an area of town difficult to access by e-bike (requires some freeway travel). I had been taking the train and hoping that a scooter share or bike share would be available at the other end.

Blaine P.
Did a lot of research.. RS5 lives up to billing

Since I am not a big fan of relying on the scooter/bike share programs I decided to purchase my own scooter. After some painstaking research I came across the RoadRunner RS5 and on paper it fit every requirement. It had great power, adequate range and I could easily carry it on the train. After taking delivery of my mantis a week or two ago, I must say it lives up to the advertisements and then some. This thing is powerful. It is a blast to turn both motors on blast down the road (Of course,only in a safe manner observing all applicable laws/regulations). There are much cheaper high quality scooters out there but for me this is the perfect mix of performance and portability that will keep me using it even when I don't have to get on the train.

David S.
Amazing service

Quick delivery, easy setup and met my expectations.

Jon A.
Smooth as butter

I have a RoadRunner RS5 and let me tell you.. It's like a flying saucer that can go 45 MPH. The hinged decklid with a combo lock is a nice touch! Better than tons of screws to mess with. I am so glad I made this move from driving my car to riding a E-Scooter due to all the gas prices sky rocketing up. Thanks RoadRunner!

Scott M.
Best scooter I've ridden

I've had three different scotoers Ive had 3 different scooters from three different brands. The RoadRunner RS5 is my fourth, and heads and above the best. The ride is so solid and smooth! I have blue color and it pops. The staff answered every question I had with expertise as well. Highly recommend!