NEW! RS5 MAX Electric Scooter

RoadRunner | 10 Inch Dual Motor On and Off Road Scooter




$400.00 SAVINGS!

  • UP TO 50 MPH
  • 2800W | DUAL-MOTOR
  • IP 54 RATING

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The new RoadRunner RS5 MAX are what other scooters wish they could be. superior quality, a smoother ride, and speed that just won't quit. The RS5 MAX comes with all of the features of the RS5 but with a sleeker body design, more power, improved lighting, and larger 32 Ah LG removable battery.

Warranty info

Standard with a one-year warranty. Option to purchase a 1,2, or 3-year extended warranty.

NEW! RS5 MAX Electric Scooter
NEW! RS5 MAX Electric Scooter
NEW! RS5 MAX Electric Scooter
NEW! RS5 MAX Electric Scooter
NEW! RS5 MAX Electric Scooter
NEW! RS5 MAX Electric Scooter
NEW! RS5 MAX Electric Scooter
NEW! RS5 MAX Electric Scooter
NEW! RS5 MAX Electric Scooter
NEW! RS5 MAX Electric Scooter
NEW! RS5 MAX Electric Scooter
NEW! RS5 MAX Electric Scooter
NEW! RS5 MAX Electric Scooter
NEW! RS5 MAX Electric Scooter
NEW! RS5 MAX Electric Scooter
NEW! RS5 MAX Electric Scooter
NEW! RS5 MAX Electric Scooter
NEW! RS5 MAX Electric Scooter
NEW! RS5 MAX Electric Scooter
NEW! RS5 MAX Electric Scooter
NEW! RS5 MAX Electric Scooter

The New RoadRunner RS5 MAX is loaded with Updates

Improved Performance

Redefining Speed with Superb Range

Unleash the power of the RS5, featuring two 1400 W motors that propels you to new speeds with unmatched efficiency.  Paired with an advanced 32Ah LG lithium-ion battery, experience extended ride time for an electrifying journey that combines speed and endurance.

Unleash Style with New Colors

Sapphire Blue and Onyx Gray Editions

Experience elegance with the RS5 in Sapphire Blue Edition, a dazzling style that radiates sophistication. Or make a bold statement with the Onyx Gray Edition, embodying a sleek and modern aesthetic that blends style and performance.

Redesigned Body

Next-level design:  Elevating function

RS5’s next-level design, featuring meticulously designed swing-arms and fenders that elevate it’s aesthetic appeal and enhance functionality. 

Braided Cable Management

Tangle-Frees Triumph

The RS5 features all quick-connect wiring wrapped in a braided system for effortless management and style.

Sharp LED Lighting

Night Riding, Redefined.

Advanced Lighting sets the standard. Innovative lighting ensures a luminous journey, blending safety and style for an unforgettable evening ride.

Enhanced Visibility

Repositioned Projection LED Headlight

RS5 puts safety first with a newly designed, repositioned, more powerful headlight, for improved visibility. 

52V Quick Swap Battery and Easy Open Deck Lid

Easy Swap Battery Design

Unleash the RS5: a game-changer in electric scooters. Its 52V LG battery, effortlessly detachable without tools, lets you charge with a quick-connect plug, eliminating the need to bring the scooter indoors. Enjoy the freedom of always having a fully charged spare, ensuring a seamless swap for extended rides. Opening the deck is now a breeze, featuring a key lock and hinged design, eliminating the search for tools and making the process a matter of seconds. Elevate your riding experience with new RoadRunner RS5 MAX – where convenience meets cutting-edge design.

Optional Steering Damper

The optional steering damper minimizes speed wobble and vibrations, ensuring a smooth ride at high speeds and providing enhanced control. Crush off-road trails or cruise along open roads, as the steering damper transforms your commute into a pleasurable and controlled adventure. Elevate your ride with the RS5 where advanced technology meets superior design for high-speed adventures.

Make sure to add your steering damper at check out!


Upgraded Motor and Battery

With a substantial boost in power, each motor now packs an impressive 1400W, ensuring an even faster and smoother ride. Experience unmatched acceleration and speed, powered by the formidable capabilities of the RS5 series.

The RS5 Max takes it a step further with an upgraded 32 Ah LG battery extending the range up to 60 miles. This enhancement translates to an extended range, allowing you to cover more ground on a single charge.

Unparalleled Comfort and Performance

Unrivaled comfort and performance define the RS5. Equipped with a C-shaped structure to provide better stability and handling along with an adjustable hydrualic spring suspension that offers all riders a smoother and enjoyable journey.

Folding and Locking Stem

The RS5 MAX electric scooter stands out with its convenient folding and locking stem system, making it simple to fold, lock, and transport your foldable electric scooter with ease.
RoadRunner's innovative stem folding mechanism offers increased stability when fully locked, providing a safer and more secure riding experience.

Technical Specifications

2800W (1400 X 2) Brushless Dual Drive
Max Battery:
52V 32Ah LG Lithium-ion Quick-Release Removable Battery
Recharge Time: 9-10 hours (4-5 with 2 chargers)
Pro Battery:
52V 23.2Ah Lithium-ion Quick-Release Removable Battery
Recharge Time: 9-10 hours (4-5 hours with 2 chargers)
Charging Ports:
2 ports (1 Charger included)
RS5 MAX: 60 miles
RS5 PRO: 40 miles
10" Tubeless Pneumatic
Front and Rear Hydraulic Spring Shocks
NUTT Hydraulic Disc
LED Headlights, Side Lights, Brake Light, Lower Front Deck Light, Turn Signals
LED Display:
Digital LCD
Voltage Cut Off:
88 lbs
Rider Weight:
330 lbs
Folded Dimensions:
51” (l) x 25” (w) x 24” (h) (h)
Upright Dimension:
50” (l) x 12” (w) x 49” (h)
Deck to Handlebars: 41"
Steering Damper:
Not Included - Available for Purchase
climbing angle:
32° incline
water rating:
IP54 Rating | Protected from water spray from any direction.
Deck Plate:
20" x 9"
Sapphire Blue, Onyx Gray
Ground to Deck:

Quality. Longevity. Support.

RoadRunner Scooters offers a complete retail experience that includes scooter sales, parts, and a dedicated service department in Denver, CO.

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Crafted to deliver optimal performance and comfort, the RS5 MAX boasts 10 x 3.5-inch hybrid tubeless tires that offer outstanding traction, control, and stability across all terrains, ensuring a more seamless and enjoyable riding experience.

Optional Road Tires available at checkout.

Why Choose RoadRunner?

US Based Company

US Based Company

RoadRunner was founded and currently operates in Denver, Colorado. With service centers located in multiple states, we pride ourselves as an American brand providing the highest quality.

Easy Financing

Easy Financing

We offer amazing financing solutions like Affirm, Shop Pay and Katapult to provide incredible low monthly payments (US Only), easy application process and even easier approval.

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Fast & Free Shipping

Fast & Free Shipping

Our Las Vegas, NV location is always stocked with electric scooters which makes shipping & handling fast and secure. Delivery usually takes between 2 to 5 business days.

World Class Support

World Class Support

Our entire team is dedicated to assist you continuously with all your scooter needs. We want to ensure that you have a positive experience with RoadRunner and enjoy your scooter rides worry-free!

The best warranty in the industry.

You read that right. RoadRunner Scooters is proud to offer the best warranty in the electric scooter industry. Shouldn’t a warranty actually work for you? We think so! That’s why our one-year warranty is standard on every new RoadRunner scooter you purchase! Plus, receive a 90-day warranty on all Certified Open Box scooters too. Shop with ease when you ride RoadRunner Scooters.

Purchase up to a three-year extended warranty to get full protection on your scooter for 4 years!

Customer Reviews

Based on 209 reviews
April (Alliance, OH, US)
I love it!

I honestly love it. I feel like I'm flying. I'm also able to keep up with traffic in town. Everything works great. Lights work good.

chris j. (Las Vegas, NV, US)
Rs5 pro rocks

Came with a broken fender, but they shipped new 1 out next day. As for the scooter itself it is well worth the money. It is the most fun I had in awhile.

Pete C. (Las Vegas, NV, US)
Roadrunner 5 max

Powerful scooter it's rated 50 MPH. But on plane surface it reached 58 MPH. I tecomend installing the steering stabilizer so it won't wobble, Fox use protective Gear. Check ride safe.

O.P. (Portland, OR, US)
Awesome scoot

Got it within a week of order and everything was perfect out of the box. Went on a few rides and let me tell you this things I well built and powerful. So happy with my decision to get the rs5 max and ordering another battery soon!

Christopher K. (New York, NY, US)
A bad A** scooter

Never thought a scooter could be this powerful
Pretty impressive

P.C. (Las Vegas, NV, US)
Scooter Boy

Hey Guys , You don't want to be late at work own a scooter, this is a great option they are fun to ride, this minimotors are not toys wear protective gear always, fallow you local traffic laws, hasta la Vista amigos.

Christopher P. (South Glens Falls, NY, US)
Nice scooters

Packaging could be better, things were a mess, styrofoam all broken apart. Seems silly for such a nice machine

Willie C. (Somerville, MA, US)
Roadrunner Official

Top Notch Scooter! Fast smooth and sturdy. Well built 52v will do every bit of 50 mph best 52v in the game. Thank you. Peace

Jacob A. (Phoenix, AZ, US)
Adult Sized Scooter for Urban Commuters

My employer recently instituted a return to office mandate, which would end up costing me roughly $300 a month just to park in the building’s garage. I had previously been riding a cheap little 350W scooter I had bought from Costco to avoid that expense, but wasn’t a fan of how rapidly the battery drained, and how it stalled going up the gentlest of hills. So I decided that with the full time return to office, I might as well take the opportunity to upgrade.

I chose RoadRunner because of its US based shipping, customer service, and performance reviews. I was a little wary of all the 4 and 5 star reviews, thinking that they had to be doctored or cherry picked. But I’m happy to announce I was wrong to distrust the reviews.

The RS5-Pro is a monster. For reference, I’m 220 lbs, and with all my stuff for work, rider load probably comes closer to 240lbs. And I still manage to pop wheelies when going from 1st to 2nd gears. I went from being relegated to sidewalks and bike lanes to being able to keep up with traffic on urban streets. Hills are no problem. I’m currently writing this review from a park that I had to go up a hill steep enough that cars struggle to summit, and this thing hardly blinked. Range has been phenomenal, and I have no complaints about functionality.

The only thing I would note is the weight. I knew how much it weighed before purchasing, but it really hits you when you go to carry it up stairs. Do some deadlifts before purchasing.

A.J. (Denver, CO, US)
RS5 Max

The speed power & torque is ausome, it put a smile on my face when taking off. The look is great, best looking scooter out there. The blue color is a sportier look. My opinion is they should have other colors besides the grey for more sporty looking styles,orange,champagne, etc.
And their customer service is very good because they respond quickly to our requests & give you what you need. Missing some screws & sent out quickly.